Products For Naturally Maximizing Melatonin - A Powerful Antioxidant
   Saturday, April 19, 2014

Product Detail

  ''Celebrities'' - Stylish Large Lensed Non-Fitover


  Cost: $79.95


These stylish polycarbonate framed non-fitover glasses provide complete rejection of the light known to cause suppression of melatonin. They provide high contrast and intensify backgrounds allowing the wearer to see objects more clearly. They are suitable for use inside or outside including working at a computer, watching television and are also helpful for reading. These stylish glasses provide a comfort fit and have polycarbonate lenses that are treated with a hard coat to help prevent scratching. The lenses are shaped to reduce peripheral light.   30 Day Money Back Guarantee !!

NOTE:  Care should be taken after retiring at night not to expose your eyes to ordinary light which contains blue light.  Because of this, if some light is needed, we highly recommend using LowBlueLights LED night lights.


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