Products For Naturally Maximizing Melatonin - A Powerful Antioxidant
   Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Product Detail

  ''Aristocrats''--Stylish Large Lensed Non-Fitover


  Cost: $79.95


These NON-FITOVER glasses offer outstanding comfort with a contoured fit. The polycarbonate faux tortoise-shell frame and special amber lenses provide complete rejection of the blue wavelengths of light known to suppress melatonin. The lenses, frame and wider arms work in unison to reduce nearly all peripheral light making them an excellent choice for watching television, using the computer or reading your favorite book. The polycarbonate lenses are treated with a special hard coat to help prevent scratching. 

30 Day Money Back Guarantee !!

NOTE:  Care should be taken after retiring for the night so as not to expose your eyes to ordinary light which would negate the benefits gained earlier.  if a light source is needed to navigate around the home, we highly recommend using a LowBlueLights LED night light or flashlight.


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